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Don't Know What to Do in Your Career? Start Here

By Lori Howard

















Do you ever wonder, "How can I discover what I can do to earn a living that I can also enjoy? Where do I begin?" I struggled with this question for many years before figuring out the answer.


The first step to answering this question is counter-intuitive for some of us. We want to start by looking at other jobs and careers available, and then figure out if we could do one of those. But the first step requires you take a look at yourself, and spend the time it takes to unearth your own unique set of strengths and skills, and more specifically, the strengths and skills you love to use. The key is to be able to articulate them with confidence.


Brad was a salesman who wanted to make a change: "I've been doing sales, and I don't want to do it anymore. I want to figure out what else I can do, without going back to school, that uses what I already know." When I asked Brad what he knew how to do, he replied with a sad look in his eyes and a deep sigh, "Sales."


After doing my own research on strengths and purpose, I have come to the conclusion that the strengths we love to use reveal themselves to us throughout our life. They may be scaled back a bit, when we're young, but they still show up. We can't help ourselves, the things we are best at and enjoy the most, we find a way to simply do.


Brad began by making a list from throughout his life of accomplishments and achievements that he was most proud of and really enjoyed doing. His list included: teaching himself to ride a bike then teaching his brother and sister to ride a bike so he wouldn't be riding alone, preparing and delivering a presentation in high school to make some changes to how the school paper was run, winning his first sales award.


Next Brad reviewed his own story of what he did to achieve each accomplishment: the steps he took, who he worked with, and how he felt at each point. These stories contained the answer to the question, "What do you know how to do?" Brad then sifted through his stories and made a list of the strengths he demonstrated over and over again. Some of the items on Brad's list included: teaching, training, presenting, mentoring, and communicating. People with these skills often end up in sales. But there are also many other jobs and careers that use these skills.


Brad continued to dig into the stories of his accomplishments to discover what he does well, and what he enjoys, as well as the environment in which he thrives. That gave him the information we needed to proceed to the next step, where Brad began to imagine what his ideal job and career would be, and then to the third step, where Brad created both a strategy and tactical plan to get the job he wanted.


Today Brad trains sales people for a company he loves. He loves his job, and finds it fulfilling as well as financially rewarding. He's now able to leverage his unique set of strengths and skills, as well as his experience.


If you are ready to discover what you can do to earn a living that you can also enjoy, I challenge you to take the first step today.


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